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What is a tracker/rotator?

Trackers and Rotators allow you to track where your ads are being seen.
The trackers let you know what individual links are seen and where.
 With the Rotators you can promote multiple sites with one link.


How do trackers help my advertising?

The stats can show which sites are getting more or less hits.
With these stats you can change your advertising methods.
Whether you change what ads you have for the sites you want to promote,
or you change the sites you are using.

How will rotators will help my advertising?

Rotators allow you to promote two or more sites with just one link.
They also allow you to change links within the rotator
to adjust which sites or ads you are promoting.
 They are very beneficial in saving time if you use a lot of traffic exchanges.

Can I earn from this site?

Yes, even free members can earn from any upgrades
or OTO's that their referrals purchase.
Minimum withdraw of commissions is $10.


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